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Talent Management What You Need to Know It’s no secret that breaking into this industry and achieving success is not easy, which is why so many people choose Studio 24 when it comes to their entertainment careers. Whether you are brand new to the industry or a working union actor in Hollywood, Studio 24 can [...]


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About Our ClassesWe are proud of our classes and confident in their results.  Our classes are taught by professional coaches who have their own successful careers as working actors and acting coaches in Los Angeles.What We Offer We offer a wide variety of classes for actors of all ages and skill levels. We have classes [...]


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Studio24 – Premiere Talent Management, Acting and Modeling Services       Home | About Us | News & Updates | Calendar | FAQ | Client Testimonials | Contact Us HeadshotsStudio 24 specializes in photography for the entertainment industry. A professional headshot is one of the most crucial elements of an artist’s career and is [...]

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Acting Demo Reel

3 years ago an acting demo reel was helpful to your acting career, today it is vital.

With a Studio 24 demo reel Agents and Casting Directors can be a fan of your work before they ever meet you. Your new demo will open up doors that a headshot and resume alone could never open. Excelerate your career with the strongest marketing tool an actor can have, a Studio 24 demo reel.

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