There are two actors, and no difference in talent, skill, or experience between them.  Both actors equally as attractive and both have charisma to spare.  They’re provided with equal opportunities throughout their careers. One will make it, one will not.  Why? Some might say luck, I would say DISCIPLINE.  If you want to ensure success in the entertainment industry you’ve got to be “The Disciplined Actor”.


Does over prepare.

Preparation is an important part of being able to deliver a great performance.

Does not break a take.

Flubbing a line is unavoidable, breaking a take is a choice, and needs to be avoided.

Does work in between auditions and jobs.

If you’re not using it, you’re losing it. You won’t be competitive in auditions if you’re not constantly working.

Does not wait by the phone for their agent to call.

Actors need to be proactive in their careers. If auditions and paid gigs aren’t keeping you busy, you should be producing your own material. Create things!

Does stay on top of their materials.

There are actors who only get new headshots and update their reels and profiles upon request. Maybe it’s time to have even higher expectations than your representation does for you.

Does not walk into an audition room late.

It is inexcusable.

Does charm the audition room.

It’s a choice, not a personality trait.

Does not blame their struggles on other people.

You are responsible for your career, nobody else.

  • Duane Ram

    Words of wisdom. The same can be said of models.