Christian Toma is the new host of Disney Channel's "Movie Surfers"
Collin Hancock books co-star role on Showtime's Emmy Nominated "Shameless"
Zach Graves books co-star role on an epsiode of "Conan"
Kaitlyn Dias books lead role as RILEY in Disney Pixar's "Inside Out"
Johnathan Grebe books co-star role on "Days of Our Lives"
Jessica Benz books an Intel commercial
Angela Schmidt books co-star role on Youtube show "Smosh"
Shelby Wulfert with her co-stars on the set of "Liv & Maddie"
Richa Shukla books co-star role on Fox's "The Mindy Project"
Jakeem books role in Nike commercial
Chido Nwokocha books co-star role on NBC's "Scorpion"
Marshall Marquez is the star of the OTS "Pedestrians Don't Have Armor" video and print campaign
Russel Davis books recurring co-star role on TV/mini series "Gunslingers" now streaming on Amazon
Gabby Haugh books supporting role in "Headlock" coming to theatres 2016
Ayasha Phillips books a national Audi commercial
Zach Graves books co-star role on Comedy Central's "Tosh.0"
Sarah Bennett becomes a SAG-AFTRA member
Chido Nwokocha books a Comcast Xfinity commercial
Nikhil Shukla books co-star role on ABC's "Scorpion"
Bernard, Dan, and Ally on GoodDay Sacramento with Mark S Allen
Christian Toma books lead role of CADE in the short film "Cade"