Christian Toma is the new host of Disney Channel's "Movie Surfers"
Collin Hancock books co-star role on Showtime's Emmy Nominated "Shameless"
Zach Graves books co-star role on an epsiode of "Conan"
Kaitlyn Dias books lead role as RILEY in Disney Pixar's "Inside Out"
Johnathan Grebe books co-star role on "Days of Our Lives"
Jessica Benz books an Intel commercial
Angela Schmidt books co-star role on Youtube show "Smosh"
Shelby Wulfert with her co-stars on the set of "Liv & Maddie"
Richa Shukla books co-star role on Fox's "The Mindy Project"
Jakeem books role in Nike commercial
Marshall Marquez is the star of the OTS "Pedestrians Don't Have Armor" video and print campaign
Russel Davis books recurring co-star role on TV/mini series "Gunslingers" now streaming on Amazon
Gabby Haugh books supporting role in "Headlock" coming to theatres 2016
Ayasha Phillips books a national Audi commercial
Sarah Bennett becomes a SAG-AFTRA member
Chido Nwokocha books a Comcast Xfinity commercial
Nikhil Shukla books co-star role on ABC's "Scorpion"
Bernard, Dan, and Ally on GoodDay Sacramento with Mark S Allen
Christian Toma books lead role of CADE in the short film "Cade"