• "This class and the Studio 24 institution is in my opinion, the best acting class I've ever been able to attend.  I took a class at an extremely reputable acting company in San Francisco, which was amazing, but coming across Studio 24, it blew that class out of the water. Cody has the ability to pinpoint a performance, tweak it, know his students, and direct them in a way that gives results that dropped my jaw more than a few times."

    Mike Maples
    Mike Maples Actor
  • "Cody really knows the business and utilizes this knowledge to push his clients and students to be BETTER than the best they can be. Cody knows that it is one thing to be a fantastic actor in the Sacramento market, but he goes several steps further to ensure that each of his students can be the best in the LA market as well. I have grown so much as an actor through Cody's coaching that I truly believe that the moment I decide to hit the LA market, I will be ready to tackle any challenge that comes my way."

    Andrea St. Clair
    Andrea St. Clair Actor
  • "I can always depend on his students to be trained, have great headshots, and a reel that captivates my attention; the quality is like watching a clip from a television show or a big screen film. If you are looking to get ahead of the pack...success starts at Hollywood North's - Sacramento's very own Studio 24."

    Toni Staniewicz
    Toni Staniewicz Casting Director/Producer
  • "The instructors at Studio 24 are dedicated to teaching Hollywood professional level protocol, practices and skills to actors at all stages of experience. As a producer, I know in advance that any Studio 24 actor coming to any audition will have been coached in all the most important areas - and that they will absolutely be prepared."

    Laurie Peterson
    Laurie Peterson Director of Capital Film Arts Alliance
  • “The Studio 24 team has an incredible amount of integrity, experience and industry knowledge, and uses all of it to help their students succeed. We consistently refer our represented talent to Studio 24 for training, where we know they will learn to audition and work successfully on camera and, equally importantly, to be professionals in this industry.”

    Chandra Bourne
    Chandra Bourne Owner of Cast Images Model & Talent Agency
  • "Acting headshots are a specialty and it is important to have someone who knows how to do a good headshot. Not everyone can do them. Studio 24 has this down to a science. This place would be exceptional if it were based in LA. The fact that it is here in Folsom makes it even better."

    Rick Wilson
    Rick Wilson Industry Professional
  • "Each client or talent is given personal attention, training and guidance throughout their journey in this elusive business. If you are lucky enough to get accepted as a student of "Studio 24" jump for joy, you will be part of a very, very special family."

    Julie Catlett
    Julie Catlett Actor
  • "I've said it before and I'll say it again, thanks Cody for believing in me from the start. Your confidence in me gave me the courage to keep going instead of giving up when things weren't looking too hot. Studio 24 is still my favorite for a place to learn to act and feel creative."

    Jonathan Grebe
    Jonathan Grebe Actor
  • "I feel extremely lucky to be a part of what Studio 24 has to offer here in the Sacramento area. What Cody has to offer for aspiring actors is truly amazing. I look forward to going to class every single week and they just make me want more. If you know this is what you want to do, Studio 24 is the place where you will find your support, honest feedback, reality checks, productive learning experiences, and new friendships."

    Jack Wegener
    Jack Wegener Actor
  • "Studio 24 is a business with heart and integrity. When my daughter was ready to pursue acting in LA, Studio 24 helped her transition into the LA market with industry quality training, headshots and a demo reel. The information and realistic advice we received from them has been invaluable to her success."

    Sandy Wulfert Parent of an Actor
  • "For anyone looking to get a new demo reel filmed, I highly suggest checking out Studio 24. They definitely know their stuff, and they are especially great for teenage work. Cody has a great team of talented people that are ready to deliver an awesome product...Studio 24 was totally prepared for everything I could have needed!"

    Breanna Baker
    Breanna Baker Actor
  • "Studio 24 has been an absolute asset to our production for Smosh. They have recommended several talent to us and the resulting performances were exactly what we were looking for."

    Ryan Todd
    Ryan Todd Director of Smosh
  • "I feel that Studio 24 brings unparalleled professionalism to all of their work. They are simply the go to resource for talent in the region."

    Nathan Schemel
    Nathan Schemel Founder/Director of Sacramento Film & Music Festival
  • "Studio 24 continues to be the leader in TV/Film acting coaching and training. The staff provides personalized and individualized service tailored to the unique needs of each student in their state-of-the-art studio."

    Laura Chick
    Laura Chick Industry Professional
  • "Getting started at Studio 24 has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. From the very first inquiry on classes, to getting headshots done, to pep talks over the phone, through email and in person, Cody, Jaime and Kyler have been so incredibly instrumental in this journey in entertainment. The level of kindness, professionalism, knowledge and integrity make Studio 24 one of the elite places to discover and/or develop your craft. The culture and community of talent is wonderful and I can't rant and rave enough about how thankful I am for this experience. I am a firm believer that with the correct support system, any and all of your dreams will come true. Studio 24 continues to be an integral part of my support system. Whether you want to break into the industry, or just want to get comfortable with speaking in front of people, Studio 24 is the place to go. See you on the red carpet!"

    Bernard Abero
    Bernard Abero Actor
  • "I had a dream to make a career out of acting and through Studio 24 that dream is being realized. Since signing with Studio 24 in Sacramento I’ve signed with a major agent out of San Francisco, auditioned for Levi’s, Harley Davidson, and Disney, and booked the lead role in a feature film, which I’m currently working on. Without the dedication, professionalism, and reputation that Studio 24 possesses I would have been left with just a dream."

    Zach Barnes
    Zach Barnes Actor
  • "I'm constantly learning new things in Studio 24's acting class. It's hard work and you're constantly pushed to do better, but that's when the best scenes happen. I feel far more prepared to start a career in the film industry, whereas before I went here it felt impossible. It's worth every penny. I don't know what aspiring actors do without you guys!"

    Hannah Mahoney
    Hannah Mahoney Actor
  • "I am pleased to announce that within a month of taking the class, I landed my first paying supporting role in a local film. In fact, that is how I will be spending my weekend, filming! I highly recommend your class to anyone interested in improving their on-camera skills. We are lucky to have you here in Sacramento!"

    Jessica Benz
    Jessica Benz Actor
  • "I've been a student at Studio 24 since 2011 and I consider myself so lucky. They are so professional and they just want to see us as actors thrive and succeed. I can always ask them anything about this business because it's honest and genuine!"

    Mereani Sovaki
    Mereani Sovaki Actor
  • "Studio 24 puts the "business" in show business. Performing is nice, but getting paid to perform is really rewarding. Thanks for all your help!"

    Stan Bautista Actor
  • "I had Studio 24 produce my commercial demo reel...Thereafter, I submitted a copy of the reel, along with other items to the top talent agencies in San Francisco, which resulted in several requests for agent interviews. On my first interview, after about 10 minutes of chit chat with the agent, she stopped the interview and said “You know, we could go on and on, but I knew I wanted to sign you after I saw your commercial demo reel. We’ve watched it here in the office nearly a dozen times.” In her opinion, the format of the reel was “genius” (as she put it). I had to confess that it was all Studio 24. I simply followed Cody’s direction, and it was my ticket to getting an agent. I signed with her on the spot."

    Marc Ashbourne
    Marc Ashbourne Actor
  • "I will always recommend Studio 24, especially to new actors. Their staff is polite, professional and accommodating. In no way shape or form do I feel like I am just another number or a pay check to them.  They are more than willing to help with any questions I have and I truly feel like they care about my dreams and ambitions. Cody takes his time in class and makes sure that everyone has honest insight on their performance. He is not afraid to let you know what you did right or wrong and this in turn allows actors to continue to grow to their full potential. I have had several compliments on how my acting has improved since I have started taking Studio 24's classes. And if that isn't enough, the products that Studio 24 has produced for me were absolutely amazing. The quality of my headshots and demo reel was clear and I feel more than confident submitting them to casting sites."

    Savanna Mae
    Savanna Mae Actor
  • "I can honestly say that being with Studio 24 has been one of the best things I have ever done. I look forward to class more and more as the weeks go on. I have met so many great people students and staff. I leave class in stitches from laughing, it never fails! Yet I always manage to learn something new to further my career in acting. Thank you Studio 24 for making every day in class a GREAT experience!"

    Brenda Estrada Actor
  • "I have been with Studio 24 for almost 3 years. I have always wanted to be an actress and Cody has taught me so much. His classes are fun and we are always learning something new to help us become the best actors we can be. I can always rely on Cody when I need that extra help before an audition. Thanks Studio 24!"

    Rebekah Freeman Actor
  • "He has taken the time not only to let me know what I am doing right, but to also help nurture the things I need to work on. He is always positive, but demands results. Since attending his classes, I have booked several short films."

    Donald Stauffer Actor
  • "I can honestly say that Studio 24 has given me many new tools with which to help mold my talents. I believe that Studio 24 has given me  confidence and is continuing to give me the edge I need to stand out against the other actors."

    Shawn E. Dinkins Actor
  • "The first and most important quality that I look for in a company is Professionalism! And I have to say that Studio 24 is that and all of the above. Cody definitely knows what he is doing and gives all of us (his students) great training and advice in our careers. I feel so blessed to be apart of the Studio 24 team and believing that I will get to where I want to be in my career in the film industry."

    Nina Wilson Actor